Bartending school

Bartender course focused on cocktails, mixology and bar service. School in Montreal, industry teachers, get your diploma in 2 weeks. Recognized by the ministère du Revenu as an educational institution, applicable tuition tax credits.

Cocktail workshop

Mojito, negroni, martini … Do you want to learn how to make cocktails with mixology pros? You can! With our one-night workshops open to all.

New workshops.

Madame Gin vous emmène en voyage!

Du nouveau du côté de l’École de Bar MADE WITH LOVE! Madame Gin revient de voyage! C’est à travers ce nouvel atelier ludique que vous pourrez explorer notre sélection des meilleurs gins internationaux!


A place to train and connect with the industry.
Our mission: Share, teach and mentor a positive experience to practice the best job in the world!

The MADE WITH LOVE Bar School; your new destination to discover the fascinating craft of Bartending: a  profession rich in tradition where knowledge has been handed down from master to student for centuries!

Our complete training program is based on a spirit of sharing and community, focusing on both theory and practice.  The program is geared towards those with a passion and interest for mixology who wish to learn from the best, i.e. the people who have left their mark on both the Canadian and the international mixology scene.

Cradled in the heart of le Quartier des Spectacles, in Montreal, the School is easily accessible by public transport.  Young and avid students, seasoned industry professionals looking to hone their craft : The MADE WITH LOVE Bar School offers a structured environment tailored to all.


Bartender trade

Cocktails & confidences

A series of video blogs on the bartending profession with well-known figures from Quebec industry

Back to school special

FREE bar kit

Register for the September session before August 31 and get this set of free bar tools!