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MONTREAL, October 1st, 2018.  After having produced over 250 events related to mixology in Canada, Mexico and Spain, MADE WITH LOVE is taking advantage of the effervescence surrounding its 10th anniversary to launch its Bar School in Montreal, a place of training and connecting with the industry!

It is in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles that the enterprise confirms its presence in the mixology landscape in Canada, while opening a door to the future. The Bar School’s mission is inspiring: share, train and surround so as to live a positive experience while practicing the best job in the world!

The main class offered by the school, Bartending 101, was developed and created by two leading experts in the world of mixology: Marie-Ève Bourassa, author of the book Élixirs, and Alexandre Lefebvre, professional bartender with over 15 years of experience (La Distillerie, Huis Clos, etc.). This course, given in both French and English, will enable students to learn the basics of the mixology and bartending universe, including the bar environment. Masterclasses and intensive workshops given by industry experts will also be offered in a timely fashion. The identity of these teachers will soon be unveiled on MADE WITH LOVE’s social media.

The school will be ideally located in Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles, on the Main, just two steps away from the Saint-Laurent metro station. The location’s choice was not random: it is actually the birthplace of MADE WITH LOVE, in addition to being an area surrounded by bars that can only be classified as leaders in Montreal’s booming mixology scene.

Future mixologists interested in the Bartending 101 class can register starting now, in French or in English, on the Bar School website. Classes start in November!

Information about MADE WITH LOVE Bar School

1585 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, QC H2X 2S9
(514) 593-8830


International event for cocktail enthusiasts and culinary epicureans, MADE WITH LOVE is your annual celebration of the artisanal cocktail industry! The public, as well as a panel of judges, are invited to attend this interactive competition by tasting exclusive and extravagant creations from competitors, and by voting for their favorite. Founded in Montreal in 2009, MADE WITH LOVE has seen itself gain popularity through its mixology competitions, where passion and excellence reunite the bartender community to surpass the limits of creativity. Today, MADE WITH LOVE is active in two countries (Canada and Spain), and is continuing to expand internationally.


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Philippe Haman tells us about the evolution of cocktail culture in Montreal

Just a few weeks before the opening of the MADE WITH LOVE Bar School, we asked Philippe Haman, founder and general manager of the Distilleries, in Montreal, some questions to gather his impressions on the cocktail culture of the city.

How did you get involved into the bar world?

I started at 18 years old. I had a friend at school whose parents owned a bar. It was my first student job!

Why did you choose Montreal to open the Distilleries?

The main reason, of course, is that it is a metropolis, there is a population, a market. The second reason is that I always thought it was better to install a bar where most people do not come by car! Especially since in 2005, people were drinking more alcohol.

What has changed most in the community since you started there?

Customer understanding, level of knowledge. From about 2005 to 2010, people saw us working behind the bar and it was like seeing an astronaut working. See something flambé, fresh food, stuff and more advanced techniques for the time … Now, customers tell me how they like their Old Fashioned!

What makes Montreal’s cocktail culture so unique?

Without falling into the stereotype, I think that Quebec’s cocktail culture, for me, is more “in the guts”. In light of my visits to other cities, we still find here a little “warm”. That translates into the way we exchange between ourselves [in the middle] and with the customers. The approach is more user-friendly.

What can it bring to Montreal’s cocktail scene, a bar school?

In the field, there is a need to have a basic course so that employees start with tools, they have a good perspective of what they will live. Sometimes they arrive at a bar but they have not really thought about what it means to work in a bar. So classes can help employees prepare for this personal change in energy, cohesion in the team. Going on the right bases, it allows to be open to this culture, that we see and live.

Finally, we can say it: this fall, for its 10th anniversary, MADE WITH LOVE will open its Bar School in the center of the Quartier des spectacles, in Montreal.

Our mission with this exciting project is to share, train and mentor future bartenders in order to give them a positive experience in practicing the best job in the world.

The Team

To help us achieve our vision, two renowned mixology experts are joining the team to develop and write the Bartender 101 class: Marie-Ève Bourassa, author of the book Elixirs and Alexandre Lefebvre. This class, offered both in French and in English, will allow students to learn the basics of mixology and bartending, as well as understanding the bar environment.

The location

The school will be ideally located on the Main, only a short walk away from the Saint-Laurent metro station. This area is well known for its effervescence and for the quality of its bars and restaurants. Students will literally be at the heart of the action.

This fall, the MADE WITH LOVE Bar School will be ready to welcome its first amateur bartenders for the 101 class. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram (@MadeWithLove_) with #EnjoyMWL and on Facebook to be the first to know all the details!

We can’t wait. Can you?



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