Bar chef training

Training for professionals in the bar and hospitality industry, given by local pros. Recognized by the Ministère du Revenu as an educational institution, your registration fees are applicable for a tax credit.


  • Having mastered the basic techniques of bartending
  • Know how to make a cocktail by following a recipe
  • Have already worked 1 year as a bartender
  • Have a computer
  • Be interested in running a bar

Theorical training

Bar trade

  • Employees management
  • Training
  • Planning/schedules
  • Bar opening and closing procedures

Inventory and cost management

  • Supplies and suppliers
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Inventory and stock control
  • Orders
  • Costs
  • Theft prevention


  • Follow the evolution of the industry
  • Marketing
  • Social medias
  • Word of mouth
  • Offers

Smart Bartender

  • Keeping customers satisfied
  • Stress management
  • Conflict and violence management in bars
  • Tasks organizing

Cocktail creation

  • The taste
  • The balance
  • The Golden Ratios
  • Different creation techniques
  • Shake, stir or build?

Menu creation

  • Rules to respect
  • Seasons pairing
  • Adapt your menu to your establishment
  • Food Pairing

Practical training

At MADE WITH LOVE we pay particular attention to practice! Our premises have a real bar to practice and rehearse in real conditions.

I : Coctail creation

You will need to create a signature cocktail set for your own menu. Spirits, juice, fresh fruit, spices, syrup and more will be available. You will need to create several signature cocktails that will constitute your menu for your final exam.

II : Garnish and presentation

Cocktail presentation will have no more secrets for you. During this master class, we will see different types of toppings from the simplest to the most innovative.

III : Homemade products

During this module, you will make “house” type products. We will see how to make your own syrups, juices, infusions and more.

IV : Practice and Management

During the training you will receive all the models of documents necessary for the management of a bar: Inventory, costing cocktail, costing wine/beers, opening/closing procedures, timetables, recipe sheets. We’ll show you how to use and apply these documents in a bar.


At the end of the training, our students will know:
  • Creation of cocktails from A - Z
  • Creation of a harmonious menu in accordance with your establishment and the season
  • Cocktail costing and pouring cost
  • Create opening and closing lists
  • Inventory management
  • Create a staff schedule
  • Customer relationship development
  • Bar team management
  • Business promotion


  • Over 5 days
  • Monday to Thursday
  • 10am to 5pm
  • Exam the following Monday
  • $489 + taxes
  • + $39/night at the Bed and Cocktails!



et obtiens un

kit de bar complet

Comprenant tout le nécessaire pour réaliser et pratiquer tes cocktails

Une offre par personne. 18 ans et plus.