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Follow a bartending class in Montreal and become a barman / barmaid in a few days

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Classes begin several times a month, according to our schedule.

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A bar and mixology course focused on cocktail creation, spirits knowledge and professional service.

Registration at all times. Quick diploma, quality jobs.

Become a professional barman or barmaid with our classes at Montreal’s Made with Love Bar School, located at 1585 Saint-Laurent blvd. in the heart of downtown, the Quartier des Spectacles, festivals and nightlife.

Why choose our bar school?

Made with Love's reputation

For more than 10 years across Canada, Made with Love is THE reference for cocktails and events related to the world of mixology and spirits.

The industry pros

Our teachers work in the community and their reputation is second to none. Their knowledge and connections are at your disposal.

Quick diploma, convenient schedule

Condensed but comprehensive course given in 26 hours, either on weekends or evenings, in French or English.

Become a bartender

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