Bartending 101

Get in the bar world quickly: In just 4 days, thanks to our experienced instructors, you will acquire essential skills for your bartending career.

At the MADE WITH LOVE bar school we put the emphasis on practice! During your training, you will get theoretical and practical lessons, as well as test out what you have learned.

Practical classes

Our school is equipped with a real practice bar!

You will have plenty of time to learn and make the essential classic cocktails that any bartender should master.

During the practice exercises, we use water to replace the alcohol, allowing you to train again and again with no limit. You may make up to 50 cocktails a day!

Each of the practical course ends with making real cocktails with premium spirits, to familiarize yourself with the taste and flavors of these cocktails.

Knowing how to properly pour an ounce is an essential quality of the bartender.

You will learn to pour precisely, without using a dispenser: a quality that will improve your efficiency, speed and style.

Free Pour is part of the subjects tested during the final training exams and you will be judged on your efficiency, speed and accuracy.

Our school is equipped with a room for flair with all the material necessary for its practice.

The courses are focused on the Working Flair, at the end of your training you will be able to handle bottles and bar equipment with style and elegance, develop your own personal style and gain confidence to impress and entertain customers while working.

What could be better than visiting a distillery to better understand spirits?

MADE WITH LOVE with it’s partnership with several distillery in Quebec, gives you an exceptional opportunity to see, smell and taste spirits at each stage of their production.

Theorical class

This introductory course allows you to familiarize yourself with the different elements that we find behind the bar.

We will see the roles and functions of each member. Barbacks, bartenders, barchefs, managers, owners: who does what? And what makes a bartender an exceptional bartender? How to achieve excellence yourself?

Fermented or distilled? We will also tackle the way distillation works. The making of spirits will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Do you know the secret ingredient behind the most delicious cocktails? Where does the word cocktail come from? What is a speakeasy? In which city was the daiquiri created? From the origin of the first cocktail to Polynesian cocktails, prohibition and modern mixology, this introductory course will feed you many stories.

Sippin ’on gin and juice, laid back, sings Snoop Dog, and that’s good, since the time has come to learn more about the history and the making of this fascinating spirit. You will also discover the essential processes for making vodka.

What are the differences between rum, agricultural rum and cachaça? This is what we will focus on in the second part of the course. In addition to a tasting of these spirits that make you travel, we will create a Tiki cocktail based on rum.

Whiskey or whiskey? Scotch or rye? Let’s finish, in style by tasting some whiskeys.

We’ll talk about agave and the wonders it brings. We will taste some tequilas, mezcal, rasilla, and prepare the perfect margarita! Salute.

Now that you know us: we like to end the training day with panache. On the menu of this training module, we will explore the varied and fascinating world of the most famous liquors, vermouths, as well as Italian bitter liquors.

Choose your plan

MADE WITH LOVE Bar school offers you two options. Les cours sont aussi disponibles en français.


  • Over 5 days
  • Monday to Friday, noon
  • 10am to 5pm
  • Exam on Friday morning
  • $365 + Taxes
  • + 39$/night at Bed & Cocktails!


  • 8 weeks
  • On Tuesdays
  • 6pm to 9pm
  • Exam on the last Tuesday
  • $365 + taxes


  • Over 2 week-ends
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • 10am to 5pm
  • Exam the 2nd Sunday
  • $365 + taxes
  • + $39/night at the Bed & Cocktails!

MADE WITH LOVE is a bar school, recognized by le ministère Québécois du Revenu as an educational institution, your registration fees are applicable for a tax credit.


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