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The MWL Bar School has assembled an experienced team to train the next generation of bartenders. Our teachers are from the field of mixology, have the best knowledge of the bar world and are aware of the latest trends in cocktails.

Jérome Laflamme

Coordinator and teacher

Originally from Quebec City, Jey is passionate about the service and hospitality industry.
Having trained at the bar La Distillerie in Montreal, he was taught by the very best amongst the industry, including Alex Lefebvre and Marie-Ève Bourassa, and has several mixology competitions to his credit.

For him, a cocktail is not just about what’s in the glass; it’s the whole experience, whether you are in front of or behind the bar!

Marie-Ève Bourassa

Marie-Eve Bourassa is a writer for various publications and has a column on cocktails on CBC television.

Her book Elixir (VLB publisher, 2014) was finalist of the Marcel Couture Prize. For Adieu, Mignonne, the first volume of Red Light, she received the 2017 Arthur Ellis Award for the best Canadian detective story in French and the 2016 Jacques-Mayer Prize of the Saint-Pacôme detective novels society.

Alexandre Lefebvre

Rarely can someone say with a smile: “Alcohol has changed my life!”
Alexander can.
Trained in dramatic writing at the National Theater School, Alexandre discovered that an exciting world awaited him when he started to work at the Distillerie bar.
A first love at first sight, Whiskey, followed by several others, gave him a knack for distillation.
Of spirits, he likes everything: taste, subtleties, history, people …

Anthony Berg

Anthony – Tony to his friends! – worked on both sides of the Atlantic, in France and Quebec, and among others, at the Bar Le Lab, here in Montreal!
He has a cooking training and has participated in a few mixology competitions, some of which he reached the podium!
Well known in the Montreal cocktail industry, Tony has a passion for taste and for the Japanese precision and focus.

Etienne Bernard

Having been on the Montreal mixology scene for eight years now, Etienne went from bartender to entrepreneur while holding various positions in between.

He offers bar services specialized in the cocktail creation, is an ambassador for Domaine Lafrance, collaborates regularly at Radio-Canada Télé and acts as a spokesperson for Boire.

Etienne loves to explain mixology and present great products to curious people in an accessible way. In addition, he likes simple cocktails and recipes made with quality ingredients.

Etienne offre ses services de bar spécialisés dans la création de cocktails. On peut aussi le retrouver entre autres comme étant ambassadeur du Domaine Lafrance, collaborateur à la télévision de Radio-Canada et porte-parole de Boire.

Il adore faire découvrir la mixologie et de bons produits aux curieux de manière accessible. Par ailleurs, Etienne aime les cocktails et les recettes simples, mais faits d’ingrédients de qualité.

Maximiliano Vallée Valetta

Managing Director and Bar Chef of Enfants Terribles, his expert knowledge of mixology has earned him many prizes.

He has participated in several competitions, including MADE WITH LOVE, Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge, Bombay MIB, Cherry Heering Classic, where he was often recognized at a global level.

His many travels around the world allowed him to learn many bar and distillation techniques, which he uses to give a modern twist to classic cocktails, which he loves to do, or to pair them with excellent food!

Passionate about his work, Max believes that showmanship is one of the most important aspects of the industry, which allows him to “sell dreams” to his clients. 


Here are the passionate people behind the mixology competition MADE WITH LOVE (Canada and Spain) as well as the new event platform TRIBUTE. It is this same team that also initiated the project of the MADE WITH LOVE Bar School.


Founder and Director of MADE WITH LOVE


National Event Planner


Spain Event Planner


Head of communications

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